From 08/25/18 00:00 until 08/27/18 18:00
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 Three Day CAMELIDynamics Clinic!

There is no substitute for seeing CAMELIDynamics in action…

…taught by the person who invented it! Marty has traveled over a million miles around the world teaching her brand of animal understanding. It isn’t enough to have a mastery of the material, a teacher must be able to excite and inspire. Marty is exceptional at both working with animals and teaching people. She uses training aids she developed herself, along with a variety of role playing exercises designed to help owners really understand their wooly buddies.

There is nothing like feeling what it is like to wear a halter or to be led, to give you a very different point of view. Have fun, be inspired and leave with a higher level of skill and understanding. This three day event is designed for all skill levels and includes Marty's very popular "Show like a Pro" day. If you have been to a clinic in the past* consider coming back for a refresher and to see for yourself how the methods are constantly evolving.