Stolen Alpaca Escorted Home in Police Car


A stolen alpaca is the talk of Putaruru after ending up in the back of a police car.
The story of how the alpaca ended up getting a ride from the cops is becoming a social media hit after the police used it to promote their Better Work Stories recruitment line. And Putaruru Sergeant Jason Shailer admits it one of the better behaved subjects he's had in the back of his car.
"Definitely they [offenders] don't like their heads out the window while we're driving," he said.
Mr Shailer said he went in search of the missing alpaca, which was stolen from a Kihikihi property, on January 17 after someone reported that they'd seen an alpaca in their yard in Arapuni - some 20 km away.
"So I shot over and picked it up."
He snuck up on the animal, which was asleep under a tree, and got a rope around its neck, leading it to the patrol car.
"It went in easy as... they're all neck. It was happy as Larry with it's head out the window while we drove along."
The pair then made the drive back to the Putaruru for a brief photo session, before Mr Shailer took it back home to Kihikihi.
"It was a laugh I tell you. I tell you what it had a lot of people stopping in cars to take a photo. It was tied up to the flag pole at the police station and it's not something that you see very often."