Andean textiles catalog shows potential for tourism and natural wealth of Oruro

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The Andean Textiles catalog introduced yesterday in the House of Culture "Simon I. Patino" in addition to the diversity of designs on clothing, shows the potential for tourism and natural wealth plateau landscape, flora and fauna.
This document luxury, was conducted by the Foundation through its Autapo Production Complex Southern Altiplano program (Compasur) to support entrepreneurial organizations who make fiber textiles llama and alpaca.

Fautapo coordinator, David Soraide, said first producers were in a training process and then produce those tissues that have become garments of high quality.

"We are offering these products domestically and internationally. Next week, and catalog to introduce products in these markets where we have seen that there is great demand.'s Commitment is to continue to improve these products," said Soraide.

In the presentation of the catalog was made a fashion show in which beautiful models, including Miss Oruro, Sasha Medina, wore ponchos, compass, blankets, shawls, ponchos and others, fine finish and elegant colors.

The president of the Association of Women Artisans ANAPQUI, Rosa Choquetopa Mamani said: "We are a group of artisans in the rural area, we are wives of quinoa producers, four years training and working with the product they see today is the result ".