Alpaca Producers Given Tools to Improve Irrigation Canals

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With the purpose of "Productive Capacity Building to Improve Competitiveness of raising alpacas in Puno region," Puno Regional Government through the South American Camelids PECSA Special Project, gave producers toolkit alpaqueros of 33 districts and 151 beneficiary communities of the 11 provinces of Puno region.

These consist of 51 modules for improving irrigation canals open pit installation ahijaderos and complementary feeding. These modules consist of 1836 Picos, 1836 Palas, 612 trucks, and 648 Piquillos 1734 barbed wire cattle of 500 linear meters.

All this material will be used in one of the components that the project is working, that will be very useful for project beneficiaries in Irrigation Canal Improvement, Installing Ahijaderos Conservation and Natural Pastures for Incorporating Food Alpaca complementary.

The investment is 367,927.20 10.528 soles that will benefit families that contribute alpaqueras development and economic and social welfare.