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Argentine President Present Vicuña Scarf to Pope Francis

The Pope's first meeting with a head of state came with the leader from his homeland, Argentina. The group, led by President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, greeted the Pope at Casa Santa Marta, his temporary home for a private audience. 

During the meeting, the Argentine president gave the Pope a vicuña scarf and a gourd and steel pipe for mate, the traditional Argentine tea. The Pope gave her a bas-relief with the images of St. Peter's Basilica, as well as several books on the Church's social doctrine.

President Fernandez de Kircher said of the meeting “We exchanged gifts, I gave him a hand-made maté set and a vicuna poncho from Catamarca province so he can be well protected during the Italian winter. Then he gave me a very personal gift which was a white rose that he said it represents Saint Teresa, to whom he prays all the time.”

“I encountered a very calm and secured man who was in total peace. Nevertheless, I also met a very concerned man for his upcoming responsibilities.”

After exchanging gifts, the Pope and the Argentine president met in private for 20 minutes. Pope Francis then invited the entire delegation to lunch at Casa Santa Marta.

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