Cori Amenta Fall/Winter 2013 Shoe Collection Incorporates Alpaca

Please note: this article was translated from Italian using Google translator. Click here to read it in its original format, and please forgive any translation errors.

The autumn winter 2013/14 of Cori Amenta directly inspired by the male wardrobe but without 'losing the sensual allure and hyper-feminine.
So here in the foreground the revival of "cult" models like the cowboy and gangster shoes, reinterpreted through female exotic touches and "fabulousness New York."

In perfect harmony with the DNA of Cori Amenta, played on every boot mix of different types of shoes, from casual styles and street style with the tip reminiscent of the cleavage-classic, to those from large soirée with closure techniques inspired to shoes mountain and embellished with gold details.

Strong colors, intense and determined as red, green, purple and black, give character to these shoes made with quality materials, where, next to the distressed leather are also the original gazelle and the warm fiber of Alpaca.

For the next season back printing with portraits of the designer, made this season in black and white with hints of color from the pop taste.

And then ... the heels heights for all occasions, from ground level to the wedges, through vertiginous heels over 13 cm.