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Alpaca 2013 World Conference & Expo Programme Announced

Alpaca 2013 World Conference and Expo 20th to 24th September 2013

Alpaca 2013 World Conference and Expo will be the alpaca industry place to be in 2013. This prestigious event is hosted by Alpaca Association New Zealand Inc (AANZ) and will include the who’s who of alpaca personalities from around the globe.
The five day event will feature an Alpaca Expo, the International Fleece Show, the AANZ National Show, trade stands and displays from around the world, and the World Alpaca Conference and workshops.
Friday 20th Sept. to Sunday 22nd Sept. will be the EXPO and feature the AANZ National Show culminating in the prestigious Alpaca Auction held Sunday evening and the Gala Dinner Sunday night.
Monday 23rd Sept. to Tuesday 24th Sept. will be dedicated to the Conference and Workshops where you can learn from experts from around the world.
Through the whole event, you will be able to visit the trade stands and displays and the International Fleece Show. There will also be other dinner events to maximize your networking and socialising opportunities.

The Conference Programme
The subjects have been considered: Breeding, Genetics, Health and Fibre. The best speakers internationally have been sought for each area and the profiles are very impressive. There are people spending their lives studying just one aspect of alpaca breeding or alpaca health or alpaca fleece, and we are going to be able to listen to them tell us what they know. Here is a short description of what we have in store, for those who don’t like looking stuff up online. If you do, see the website – - for full biographies. Keep looking at this site, as details are being added and updated all the time.
In the two days of the Conference there will be up to three parallel sessions, some of them hands-on workshops. It appears that the biggest problem for delegates will be getting to all of the sessions of interest. Better not indulge too much in those social activities then.

The Speakers
For example, Juan Carlos Marin from Chile is going to talk to us about the history of camelids. A qualified PhD in Genetics, he has been focusing on the genetic variation of camelids and deer. Since alpacas have been domesticated in Chile for over 1000 years we can assume that he has plenty of resource to share with us.
Belinda Appleton takes the genetic story into the fleece. With a PhD in Genetics from Melbourne University, Australia, she has a broad biology research background which she has honed recently into a focus on alpaca – in particular the commercially important traits of alpaca fleece.
Also from Australia is Kylie Munyard, who has leveraged off her PhD work to get down and dirty with such fleece concerns as colour dynamics and micron blowout.
Dr Chris Cebra from Oregon State University, USA, has been working with camelids for almost twenty years. A qualified veterinarian and research scientist, he knows more about how alpacas function than they do themselves. His talk will include a discussion about the ‘down alpaca’ – what does it mean and what can you do?
We all know and love Dr Jane Vaughan and we are delighted that we will be treated to her lucid and lively explanations, this time about staggers and her work with semen proteins and their link with the ovulation process. By the time you leave Jane’s session you will know exactly why your alpacas are spitting at the male and what you can do about it if they are not.
Paul Vallely, Australian Alpaca Fibre Testing, Australia, has multiple roles at the Conference. No doubt buoyed by his success at the previous World Alpaca Conference in the UK in 2012, he is going to speak to us about fleece testing, undertake the fleece testing for the International Fleece Show,, and will also host a trade stand where you can take your own samples in to be tested on his machines.
Home-grown South Islander Jon Hickford is currently teaching Science and Agriculture degree programmes in Animal Biochemistry and Physiology at Lincoln University. He is particularly interested in animal breeding and genetics and molecular biology. He will be speaking about breeding programmes and in particular about selecting for positive traits in fleece and selecting against traits like genetic predisposition to FE.

The Vet Conference
As much as we can learn in an annual conference and various training activities through the year, we still need our vets. We need our vets to know about alpacas and we are fortunate that we have a growing number of professionals taking an interest. There will be a parallel conference to bring them up to date.

All of this will be held in one venue…
Claudelands Event Centre, Hamilton
This modern venue is ideally laid out to host Alpaca 2013. Large well ventilated halls ideal for housing alpaca are adjacent to the conference facilities allowing the whole event to be housed under one roof. Claudelands Event Centre is situated in the heart of the New Zealand agricultural city, Hamilton. It is an easy walk from accommodation or a 5 minute drive from the city centre.
The closest international airport, Auckland, is just over an hour’s drive and the local Hamilton airport has flights from around New Zealand.
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