AFCNA in Running For Super Bowl Ad, Needs Your Votes!

The following is a press release from AFCNA (Alpaca Fiber Cooperative of North America):

Would you like to see a commercial during the SuperBowl about alpaca fiber products?

QuickBooks is having a contest and the winning company will win a commercial during the SuperBowl.

Please click on the link and vote for AFCNA!
You can cast a vote every day if you want (Please!?)

Please pass this around to everyone you know. Post it on Facebook. Tweet it on your Twitter account. Ask your friends, relatives, coworkers and neighbors to vote for AFCNA! Even if we don't win the Grand Prize, there are many other prizes that would really be great to win and some are awarded weekly.

So, please help AFCNA by visiting the link and voting for us every day!