Alpaca Blanket Project News

Blankets Are Coming / AOA Show / 2014 Fiber Collection

Our new shipment of blankets is on the way.  We are getting a limited quantity of some of them, so please contact us soon to ensure that you will get what you need, if you haven't already reserved them.  We have a new Member Order Form on our website to facilitate the process.

We are getting the Siuslaw blanket (shown at left) and Deschutes blankets (below), as well as two new styles.  All of the blankets are 100% alpaca and measure 53 by 70 inches.

For the new styles, one is a brown tweed that reminds me of our Champoeg blanket. The other blanket is a blend of brown and gray fiber and looks quite lovely. Pictures of the new styles will be posted on our website and Facebook page within the week.  

These blankets are also the last 100% alpaca blankets that Pendleton will be producing, so they are truly special.  Moving forward, Pendleton will be doing an alpaca/wool blend because it runs better on their machines.

AOA Show in Pennsylvania
Erin and Adam (our 9 year old son) will be attending the Alpaca Owner's Association National Show in Harrisburg PA from March 12-16.  If you're going, please let us know, as we'd love to meet you!  We will be volunteering with the fleece show on Thursday & again on Saturday if you want to say hello.

We are also collecting fiber at the show. Please call or text us if you plan to bring some. Fiber must be dropped off by Saturday afternoon.

Finally, if you would like to save on shipping,we would be happy to deliver orders to you at the show.  Orders must be placed by Monday, March 10 to allow us time to pack.  We will arrive at the show on Wednesday night or Thursday.  Remember, we are carrying Adventure socks and Surino golf socks from Kentucky Royalty in addition to our Pendleton blankets and scarves.

Georgia Collection Site
We are working on a collection site between Athens & Atlanta, Georgia.  This site will ship in the next few months if there is enough interest.  If you are interested in using this collection site, please let us know ASAP!  ABP will pay for shipping!

2014 Fiber Collection

I know it's hard to think about spring shearing and summer skirting when most of us are in the grips of a polar vortex that has left us shivering for the past few months.  Spring will come, and soon it will be shearing season!

2014 fiber collection tickets with your farm information pre-printed on them were sent directly to your e-mail box yesterday IF you have contributed fiber in at least one of the last three years.  If you didn't get a ticket, let us know and we'll be happy to send one. Remember, you must contribute fiber at least every three years to be an active member, eligible for member pricing on our products.

Other exciting news in 2014: we are implementing two sorting / payment cycles.  Fiber received on/before April 1 will be paid for in July, and fiber received on/before October 1 will be paid for in January.  We are making this change so you don't have to wait as long for your check.

Please let us know if you are interested in hosting a collection site at your farm.  ABP will cover shipping if you collect at least 500 pounds of blanket fiber.

Look for other places you can find us (and drop off fiber) this spring and summer in future newsletters. As always, drop an e-mail or give us a call if you have questions!  Thank you for your continued support of ABP!

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