Snowmass Winners' Circle Sale - A Great Success!

We were so pleased to be involved in the Snowmass Winners' Circle Making of Champions Sale. The show was a huge success, with many happy new owners going home with phenomenal alpacas. Alpaca Culture is truly grateful to Don and Julie Skinner for including us in their event. Their show of support and purchase of an Elite level sponsorship is truly appreciated.

Turnout was great - about 200 people attended at the Corona Ranch in Phoenix and nearly 370 watched the web cast on Alpaca Culture! Sixty-two lots total were sold, with many animals including crias at side.

Alpaca Culture was able to get several exclusive interviews from industry leaders, which will be posted on Alpaca Culture very soon.

Headliner Alonso Burgos of Grupo Inca (pictured above with Don and Julie Skinner) traveled from Peru to give two

separate presentations. The first segment detailed the amazement and delight Peruvian experts expressed at the extremely high quality of the Snowmass bales when they were opened up and analyzed fully. Burgos gave quantified results and statistics that in turn astounded him, his organization and the auction audience. Look for a more detailed report in the pages of Alpaca Culture magazine.

Burgos also spoke about the alpaca fiber industry in Peru and what is happening today, from shearing the animals to exactly how that fiber is processed to create garments. Burgos’ second presentation informed American ranchers of the best practices they can employ to produce fiber that can be used on a large scale.


Santiago Ortega of Kuna’s Alpaca Collections, Peru, arrived with dozens of exciting designs that event attendees couldn’t keep their hands off. Gorgeous scarves, sweaters and other garments made by skilled artisans made their debut.

Tim Vincent of Celebrity Sales and his team ran the show and it went smoothly. He told us afterward about his outlook for the future of alpacas from a sales perspective. Happily, the news is all good!


Ryen and Ursula Munro of Tripping Gnome Farms, consigned several of their animals and were pleased with the outcome. They told us about their continued involvement with Quechua Benefit, the organization dedicated to helping the Quechua people in the highlands of Peru. The Munros were exceptionally thrilled by Don and Julie Skinner’s surprise donation of not one but TWO outstanding alpacas to the non-profit group.

Alan Cousill provided the audience with in-depth knowledge of Snowmass alpacas and the breed in general as announcer working alongside the auctioneers. Alan and wife Jude Anderson of Pucara International also gave their perspectives on what the alpaca business as a whole needs to do to take the next step toward viable fiber production in the U.S. Video to follow.

Paul and Jude Rylott of Melford Green Alpacas came all the way from Suffolk in the United Kingdom to attend Snowmass’ event. We sat down with them, too, and talked about their goals for improving the 120 alpaca they keep at Old Hall in Darsham in England. Look for video!

Alpaca Culture is working on getting you up-to the-minute stories from people all over the world who are working each day to make the alpaca community stronger. Stay tuned.