Kuna - Manufacturers Of Exquisite Alpaca Garments

Kuna is the company associated with Grupo Inca to turn the most exquisite alpaca fiber available worldwide into high fashion garments. Formerly named 111, Kuna is the most prestigious brand on the market today. Based on more than fifty years of experience in alpaca breeding and manufacturing, Kuna is a member of International Alpaca Association and the winner of many international awards for fiber excellence.

Kuna has created a brand based on the rich, technical expertise of the ancient Andean traditions and today’s most highly sought-after designers and fiber producers. Paying heed to sustainability and continuing a commitment to conserve breed and improve the species is a central tenet of Kuna’s philosophy.

Using vicuna, alpaca and other fibers, Kuna is committed to extreme fineness and the highest quality garments capable of being produced. The ancestral shearing method for vicunas does not harm the animal and results in a gold colored fiber considered the absolute finest on the planet. Each vicuna garment is made by hand from start to finish.

Alpaca fiber is limited to the royal grade, or fibers less than 19 microns, resulting in remarkably soft, buttery and comfortable items. Craftspeople select the finest from Huacaya and Suri animals then create the finest, warmest fiber using an efficient automated system. This fine material is then made into exquisite garments with the highest fashion sensibility.

Melding the legacy of Andean culture and modern high fashion while doing so responsibly, Kuna preserves the ancient art of textiles while moving forward with state-of-the-art technology and cutting edge design. The result is elegant, practical and indicative of the future of fine camelid fiber.

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