Is Alpaca Poo Good For You?

WWLP-TV NBC - Springfield, MA
By Nick Bannin
April 26, 2011

Used as a fertilizer, it can help your plants

WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) - A farm on East Mountain Road in Westfield is producing fertilizer that provides amazing results.

"Black gold... it's just a wonderful thing," said Mike Tierney, the owner of Maple Brook Farm.

He's talking about alpaca pellets that can work wonders to fertilize your garden.

Maple Brook Alpaca Farm currently breeds 109 alpacas and offers this environmentally friendly fertilzer option.

"Well it's natural, it's something that'll break down. You're not using the chemicals and what have you, it's something that'll retain moisture," said Mike Tierney.

Using this manure isn't just better for the environment, it could be better for your plants.

"It's very rich in minerals and phosphates and nitrogen, we find that it works a lot better than horse manure or cow manure. They have three stomachs and they process the food more so that it comes out richer," said Timothy Tierney, Herd Manager at the farm.

The alpaca manure is best used when aged in a pile and it is not harmful to plants because it’s a rather mild substance.

Alpaca manure is not only good for your garden, it's actually cheaper than a typical bag of manure, it weighs less and it doesn't smell as bad.

While prices in different locations can vary, at the Maple Brook Farm you can get Alpaca manure for about 10 cents per pound or twenty dollars to fill a pickup truck

To contact the Maple Brook Farm call (413) 537-8484 or visit their website