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Leslie Barnett

Here is Leslie and her alpaca doppelgänger.

Project Manager

Leslie studied Commercial Art at Western Kentucky University and got her BA in Graphic Design from Wichita State University. She has experience across all phases of graphic design including design, art direction, prepress, printing, bindery, print buying and project management. Having started and expanded her career in print graphics, Leslie is enthusiastic to learn more about the rapidly-expanding digital side of graphics.
After 30 years in the area, Leslie is grateful to call the Pacific Northwest home. She loves all it has to offer, including a variety of nature and sports. Reading, landscaping, bicycling, kayaking, hiking, and wildlife watching are the main activities that soothe her soul. However, to stoke her passion she turns to travel and travel research. She loves learning about and experiencing various cultures and locations. She is quite happy as a vagabond, but coming home to her Pacific Northwest sanctuary is always a welcome end to every adventure. Above and beyond her interests, her family, including her mischievous kitties, and friends make her life complete.

• 30+ years experience in the print industry. Expert in printing techniques and  managing print jobs. Organized, cheerful and conscientious.