Ranel Hanson

Here is Ranel and her alpaca doppelgänger.


Although she is officially retired, Ranel helps Alpaca Culture when the mood strikes by lending us her formidable sales and marketing expertise. Her past careers have ranged from real estate to admissions director for a private school to retail fashion store owner. Always put together in a creative and beautiful outfit, she will plunge in headfirst even in difficult circumstances. Her genuine interest in people and the world around her makes her a great conversationalist and welcome member of our team. Ranel enjoys working on a project and being on the go. She enjoys flower gardening and walking and her yard is the pride of the neighborhood.

• 40+ years in the marketing, advertising and sales world. Ranel is practical and straightforward and always willing to get in there and get things done. She truly cares about people and the details of their lives.