Meyla Bianco Johnston

Alpaca Culture Staff - Meyla Bianco Johnston

Here is Meyla and her alpaca doppelgänger.

Meyla Bianco Johnston received her B.A. in pre-professional writing from the University of Idaho but has been enamored of writing and language since she was a child. Her lifelong interest in the written word and its power has led her to pursue a career dedicated to creative communication. Meyla’s thinking is strategic and innovative but she will always laugh at a good pun or silly walk.

As Editor-in-chief of Alpaca Culture magazine, she has been able to bring a detailed, thoroughly researched body of work to the alpaca community at large. By working with others, she has enabled them to hone their messages for the greatest reader comprehension. With her natural attention to detail, she is able to discern what is important to a message and what is unnecessary. Meyla also greatly enjoys proofreading and editing.

Besides her working life, Meyla's creativity extends to other mediums as the mood strikes including sewing, knitting, making jewelry, cooking and other projects. She also loves animals, dogs in particular. She also enjoys organic gardening and particularly, growing three garlic varieties.

• 25+ years experience writing and editing websites, magazines, books and catalogs. Organized, dedicated, hardworking and thoughtful.