Brooke Stebbins

Imagery • Database • Copy

Alpaca Culture Magazine Staff

Here is Brooke and her alpaca doppelgänger.

Brooke Stebbins is a mother of two active boys. Her skills are wide ranging and she is able to call on the many facets of her creativity to solve problems in many arenas as necessary. Her ability to see the big picture and provide a strategic plan for implementing systems has been proven again and again. Her abilities include managing large amounts of important detail responsibility, excellent proofreading and copywriting skills and very sharp attention to detail. Her probing mind and intelligence make her opinion valuable.

She is an astute researcher and regularly finds the answers to questions others are unable to see. Brooke is able to connect the dots between seemingly disparate ideas to create a cohesive message. 

Brooke’s talents also include a natural sense of what customers need and the ability to determine how to get it to them elegantly. She goes the extra mile to listen to their needs and figure out a solution to any problems that may arise. By discerning quality from mediocre choices quite readily, she is a helpful asset in almost any work situation. Brooke enjoys history, genealogy, raising her two boys to be healthy and well-adjusted and organic gardening.