Jared Johnston

Alpaca Culture Staff - Jared Johnston

Here is Jared and his alpaca doppelgänger.


Jared has been working in graphic design, advertising and marketing for more than 20 years. He has been a designer for Fastline Publications, Thorne Research, Coldwater Creek, and most recently, creative director for Selle Design Group. He is uniquely able to balance a creative personality with an entrepreneurial role in business to produce beautiful work and to achieve real goals.

As Executive Editor of Alpaca Culture, Jared makes use of his extensive graphics skills, which give the streamlined, rich and beautiful magazine its unique look. His bold but personable personality and positive go-for-it attitude have made Alpaca Culture successful in just one year.

In keeping with his love of learning, Jared has added programming knowledge to his resumé, learning open source programs such as Joomla and Word Press. He believes a basic understanding of both html and php is a necessary component to understanding how design and functionality co-exist in the digital world.

He believes a well-rounded base of knowledge and experience makes the difference when innovating solutions for clients. His philosophy: “Success is achieved only when you can completely understand the problem in front of you then solve it completely by making the solution as natural feeling as possible.”

Personal interests: I am a musician currently in two bands; one acoustic and the other electric. I also enjoy most water sports, snow skiing and hiking in the mountains. Outside of working on the computer, I like working in the woodshop and building. Nothing piques my interest more than creating.

• 30+ years experience in marketing and design. Loves to travel and connect with people. Knows how to conceptualize and build brands.