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Alpaca Culture Honored by Peruvian Government

When Alpaca Culture was invited to attend the Alpaca Fiesta, we were very honored and a bit intimidated. We were selected by the members of the fiber-producing industry in Peru and the Peruvian government to come and represent North America on a press tour and to later cover the events we were privileged to see.

Accompanying us was a culturally diverse group. Each of us represented a news outlet of some type including Twist magazine of England, Elle magazine Mexico, CNN Mexico, Senken Shimbun Japan and Crónicas TV program from NTN24 Columbia. The goal of having all of us attend was to get the word out about the Alpaca Fiesta and try to make an impression on the public regarding the wonderful aspects of alpaca fiber. Goals also included creating an awareness of how large this industry is becoming throughout the world.

There were buyers and sellers doing business from more than 30 countries right alongside breeders, fashion designers and other enterprises that included alpaca in their manufacturing process. The Alpaca Fiesta was truly a spectacular event to take part in and reinvigorated our belief that the time for alpaca is now! With some added effort from all of us we can elevate the familiarity of alpaca across the globe.

We were constantly asked what was happening in the United States and throughout the world involving alpacas. We spoke to many about the advances in alpaca genetics we have witnessed here in the United States and abroad and what the future of the alpaca industry might bring. We were even interviewed on video by Marie Sanz of AFP news agency (France) and included in the segment they produced about the Alpaca Fiesta.

The Peruvian people are proud of their history and the role alpaca fiber has played throughout the years, and rightfully so. We saw garments made from it everywhere – from downtown Lima all the way to hard-to-reach mountain communities like Sibayo. They all had a lot in common; they all worked with and enjoyed alpaca fiber, they made superior quality garments from that fiber, they treated us very kindly and they wanted us to participate in life with them. I believe that could be the way forward for alpaca fiber; to encourage those that show interest, include them in your life and share the alpaca experience with them fully.

The articles in this edition are filled with the details we witnessed from the opening of the fiesta to the end of our trip. As this magazine is mailed across the world, I hope it will reach the hands of many who have not been exposed to alpacas. With this edition, we will also be launching our digital edition to help reach many more people worldwide that are restricted by the price of shipping.

Our followers continue to grow. We mail to more than 8,000 people and welcome that many again on our Facebook page as followers. Some of our posts are reaching more than 30,000 people. I can assure you of one thing. We won't quit until we see alpaca right along side other quality-made, natural-fiber garments.

So enjoy the stories of the Alpaca Fiesta and continue to do your part to bring the spirit of alpacas to the world.