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Saar Alpaka
Saarland, Germany

Why do you read Alpaca Culture?
For me and my husband, Alpaca Culture is the most informative and most professional magazine on the alpaca industry we know. It has a big variety of topics with a clear focus on how the alpaca industry can be strengthened. You show us the different ways that farms in the US take to make their business work - that is very inspiring for us as we keep on working to make our Saar Alpaka Farm a successful business and we get a lot of new ideas while reading Alpaca Culture.

Also, we find lot of information about fibre processing and the possibilities what to do with the fibre: designer portraits, fibre mills, cottage industry possibilities. And I like your international approach with topics like the Asian market, projects in Peru and many more because I think the alpaca industry is only working on the open, international basis. And last but not least - great photos to your stories1

What articles have you enjoyed in the past?
I love the article in the June 2017 issue about “Alpaca Partners” because I really believe that alpacas are so special in their nature/character and that they are so good for the souls of human beings. And I always enjoy the articles about how to process the fibre in a new and modern way - new designers all over the world for example.

What is your favorite type of article?
I definitely love the portraits of the different farms and how they work with their alpacas. No matter if their focus is on fibre producing, selling animals or working with the animals - always so inspiring!!! And I like the mix of information and personal stories behind the farm business.

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