Volume 3 - Issue 2 ( September 2014 )

Women and Alpacas:


• Explore the leadership and innovation of the women in the alpaca industry.

• Read about businesses that are advancing alpaca fiber.

• Learn about future possibilities for using alpaca products.

• Peruvian and North American breeding strategies.

• Why your next sweater should be alpaca and not cashmere.


In this issue:

Loren and Judy Stevens of Llama Tique

Alpaca Insurance

Livestock Dogs: Anatolian Shepherd

Creating a Business from Horses

Book Review: Alpacas Don’t Do That

Successful Alpaca Breeding in the United States and Perú

The World of Women and Alpacas


Why Your Next Summer Should be Alpaca, Not Cashmere

Designer Profiles
•    The Green Yarn Company
•    Alicia Adams Alpaca
•    Alpaca Expressions by Debby Green