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Peru Pushes to Unify Alpaca Production Organizations

Please note: This article was translated from Spanish using Google translator. Click here to read it in its original format, and please forgive any translation errors.

The President of the Bureau of Camelids, Diego Castillo Shock, stressed that there is a need to unify criteria for the alpaca industry take a new course for the organization of producers when they are split.

"In the Puno region, we have about 60 000 producers of alpaca, all must join in a single trade organization and business," said Diego Castillo Shock, well aware that only get some financial support from either the state or industry private.

They seek to become a more credible organization and that will give option to access credit, to promote technologies that allow the alpaca breeding as well as processing and fiber processing.

The initiative to become one organization has been analyzed in the regional meeting of alpaca, which began yesterday and ends today. The same thing takes place in the auditorium of the Regional Directorate of Agriculture.