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Colored Alpacas Win Big at Canadian Futurity
At the 2013 Canadian National Futurity, $40-90k in Prize money is awarded. This year, a fawn alpaca won the Canadian National Futurity, surpassing the white and beige champions!

High Plains Glory won the Highest award in the Canadian Alpaca industry, surpassing the usual favorite White or Beige Champion. This is only the 3rd time a fawn colored alpaca has won the Supreme Championship at the National Futurity in Canada.

As all the Champions are lined up to compete for this coveted award, all eyes were on the two US judges as they had to decide on which alpaca would take home the Supreme Champion Alpaca. In addition, the sire of this alpaca would then take home the ultimate 2013 Canadian National Futurity Sire’s Cup, which every breeder wants to take home for the year and display for all to see.

As the judges walked forward, the expectation was that the white or perhaps the beige would be Champion but this time the two US judges selected the Medium Champion, a fawn female, High Plains Glory. Prior to this final award of the event, a black alpaca, High Plains Tawny, won the Finest Handle Award with the Judge blindfolded. This sought-after award is usually reserved for white crias but this time, an ultra-fine black yearling was selected by blindfolded judge Sharon Loner. When asked how fine the female was, the owners of High Plains Alpacas explained "extremely fine for a black alpaca at 16.4 microns.” High Plains Tawny also won the black championship.

As each class is placed, judges then select one alpaca as the "finest in the class" (it may only get a third place ribbon but still may be selected as the finest in the class). These "finest in the class" alpacas then walk in, two at a time, to see the judges. One of the judges is blindfolded and the other takes the other judge’s hand and places it on the same spot on each alpaca. The judge then selects by handle and one by one, feels fleeces until satisfied he or she has picked the true winner.

Canadians love this spectacle – it creates a unique addition to  this already exciting show.

Alpaca Ontario Show Surprises with Fawn Supreme Champion Male at the Biggest Show in Eastern Canada

A newer breeder, Norli Alpacas of Quebec, won the Supreme Champion Male – and again


the winner was Fawn! The winner, Norli Jordan, is owned by Lise and Normand Pollender of Norli Alpacas, Quebec.

The two have been breeding since only 2009, so they were very pleased as Judge Wade Gease selected their fawn male Norli Jordan over the white and beige champions at this important Ontario Alpaca Event.

The Get of Sire was also won by a colored male, High Plains Alazam, co-owned by Ariya Alpacas, Quebec and High Plains Alpacas, Saskatchewan.