Snowmass Alpacas' View on Possible AOBA/ARI Merger


We must first ask ourselves:           

Do we really want to lose our rights as members and owners of ARI Inc. to a three tier membership base breed organization AOBA?

Do we believe that AOBA is fully engaged in directing the industry growth as a viable commercial market?

Do we think there is room for redirection in many areas for better growth and development of this Industry?

Do we think AOBA is over regulating the Industry and Affiliate organizations?

Do we think AOBA is cost effective in their mission?

Do we think AOBA has done such a good job in all these areas that they will improve our registry?

Has AOBA educated us about the future goals with ARI under its belt?

How will AOBA improve the registry?

Do we want alpaca Science and Research Development managed by a Marketing organization?

Do we think AOBA has educated the Industry about how merger will strengthen the industry?

Do we entrust the AOBA board of directors and a small designated committee to be the voice of reason for merger?

Do we agree that putting merger to a vote in less than 2 months without a supportive platform from the membership is a good idea?

We have been through this all in the not-so-distant past. We have asked ourselves these very questions as a membership and voted overwhelming as a majority against Merger. We voted that it was in the best interest of us as alpaca breeders to have a solid science-based registry whose mission is to provide affordable pedigrees through leading DNA lab services. We chose a registry which will hold a strong and secure data base that would be accessible to science organizations for research and development purposes in order to advance the breed.

We feel AOBA has many challenges ahead of them to be more responsive to the needs of the membership as breeders.
Having ARI under their belt gives them power to avoid this as well as to move forward without broad based accountability.

Why in the world would we want a Marketing organization to control our Science-Based registry?

Most international alpaca breed organizations began with the breed organization and registry as one. We can tell you from direct experience there is no comparison of strength in pedigree to ARI Inc as an independent science-based organization, and the importance of ARI to us as breeders is unrivaled.

We need both of these organizations and we need both to be strong and focused on their independent missions. MARKETING and SCIENCE.

Let’s work to get our marketing organization to be more responsive to the developments by the affiliates and to us as breeders.

Let’s get our registry back to focusing on the simple tasks of strengthening the sciences in both DNA verification and positive research developments.

Julie Skinner is running for the ARI board in 2014 to help with this mission.

If you believe as we do we ask that you stand with us and VOTE NO on MERGER.
Snowmass Alpacas stand behind the Position Statement of Board Minority ARI please read below.

Snowmass Alpacas is dedicated to a strong viable future in the ALPACA INDUSTRY!

Don & Julie Skinner
Snowmass Alpacas LLC