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ARI Merger News: Next Steps

The following information was posted to the ARI web site 12-19-13:

Dear ARI & AOBA Members,

As you have probably seen, merger was approved by both the ARI and AOBA memberships. If you missed those announcements, they are available on the ARI website and AOBA website.

The 2014–15 directors of Alpaca Owners Association, Inc. ("AOA") and their terms will be:


Dianna Jordan

Andy Merriwether

Bonnie Potter

Scott Miller

Julie Delaney

Laurel Shouvlin

John Ferrante

Steve Hull

Wayne Jarvis

Tom Petersen

AOA will announce officers once the merger is effective and the new Board has met to select them.

We realize this was a passionate issue and a big decision for our industry. The industry has many challenges ahead, but we believe that as a united organization we will be better equipped to deal with them. We are excited at the opportunities that lie before us and hope that each of you will lend your support and involvement as we begin the transition process. Even if you were not in favor of merger, we hope that you will assist and support the new organization as we work to create something that the entire industry can be proud of.

The team cannot begin the transition process until the effective date of the merger. We hope that this will occur within the next 4-6 weeks. It takes some time to complete the steps to formally merge into one organization. Once the merger is effective, AOBA will merge into ARI, the name of the merged organization will be changed to Alpaca Owners Association, Inc. (“AOA”), and the new Board of Directors will take over. Once these steps have occurred, we will begin the process of combining the assets, operations and programs of ARI and AOBA. This transition will take many months to complete, and we will all need patience as the new AOA team works through this process.

Our transition efforts will be led by Executive Director, Darby Vannier. As you can imagine, combining these two organizations is a daunting task, but Darby is excited to begin this work. He has amazing ideas and a vision that will not only bring the two organizations together operationally, but will also facilitate the creation of a culture that encompasses the entire industry in a way that we haven’t seen before. As he did when he became the Executive Director for ARI, Darby is interested in discussing the suggestions and concerns of the membership and utilizing that information to create an organization that will serve the needs of the entire industry—an organization that everyone will be excited to be a part of.

We appreciate your involvement in the merger process up to this point, but the work is only beginning and we hope that you will remain involved as we seek your opinions and guidance moving forward. We will provide a more detailed transition plan at the AOA National Conference in March and will work to communicate frequently through other means, such as eBlasts, Facebook, Twitter, and newsletters.


Bonnie Potter, President
Alpaca Registry, Inc.

Dianna Jordan, President
Alpaca Owners & Breeders Association