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Alpaca Blanket Project Final Sort Reports / Pendleton News

The following is a press release from Alpaca Blanket Project:

January 7, 2014

Final Sort Reports / Fiber Payments

Paul has finished sorting all the fiber we received by October 1, 2013. Final sort reports were sent out via e-mail this past weekend.  Please check your in-box and let us know if you have questions. The sort report includes your total fiber payment for 2013.

The Farm IDs for Sorted Fleece page on our website shows all of the farm IDs whose fleece we've sorted. Checks will be sent out to these farms later this week.  If your fiber was received after October 1, 2013, it will be included in our next sort with your check being sent out on/around July 1, 2014.

Thank you for your continued support of ABP.

Pendleton News!

We will be getting some of the very popular Siuslaw (at left) and Deschutes (below) blankets from Pendleton in the next month or so.  These are throw blankets (53 x 70) and are 100% alpaca.  

We will have a limited quantity of these blankets. As such, we are offering them to members first.  If you would like some, please give Paul a call to reserve them and we'll make sure you get what you need.

We will also be getting two new styles of throw blankets from Pendleton. One is a brown tweed that reminds me of our Champoeg blanket. The other blanket is a blend of brown and gray fiber and looks quite lovely.

You are also welcome to pre-order the new styles when you call to reserve your Siuslaw and Deschutes blankets.  Pictures of the new styles will be posted on our website and Facebook page when we get them.
Looking Ahead to 2014    
In 2014, we are going to sort year-round with fiber payments being sent out in July and again in January.  Please think of us when you are cleaning out the "stash" of fiber you have, in preparation for the next shearing season.  

Pendleton expects to do the next run of alpaca blankets sometime this summer.  It has been an honor to work with them,, as they are very excited to be working with alpaca fiber. Please continue to support ABP with your fiber, as Pendleton is willing to take ALL the fiber we can collect that meets their specifications. They want ALL colors of fiber as well.  We are very lucky to have a manufacturer of this renown supporting our industry.

We are going to send out fiber tickets again with your farm information pre-printed on them, as many of you used them.  Tickets will be automatically sent to farms who've contributed in 2012 and/or 2013.  I expect the tickets to be sent out sometime in February, if not sooner.

Please continue to read our newsletters and Facebook page for updates.