Alpaca Lunchboxes for Fashion Week VIPs

by Marshall Heyman

As a sponsor of Milk Studios during fashion week, Walgreens plans to bring healthy eating options to attendees and VIPS, as well as offer backstage catering. But, of course, these VIPS need something to carry all the yogurt pretzels, natural almonds and probiotic-fruit-and-nut-blend snacks Walgreens is providing. So the company commissioned the illustrator and fashion designer Deer Dana to create a special lunch box for the occasion. Five hundred of these lunchboxes will be issued during Fashion Week.

The silver lunch box features an illustration of an alpaca named Georgie, wearing pearls and eating a yogurt pretzel.
Why an alpaca? "We love alpacas," wrote Dana Veraldi in an email, on behalf of her company Deer Dana, which she shares with Kevin Tekinel. "We visit them every summer at Island Alpaca on Martha's Vineyard. They are like a llama's weird cousin. Not only are they quirky and extremely cute, but their fur is shorn every year to be used for apparel." That, according to Ms. Veraldi, makes Georgie the alpaca "a perfect cozy fashion icon."
Ms. Veraldi explained that the choice of illustration and its slogan was also a good use of a pun. When spoken, she said, "Alpaca Lunch" sounds like "I'll pack a lunch."