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Committed to raising high quality alpacas, RobAsia's farm has grown from the purchase of five pregnant females in 2005 to nearly one hundred alpacas. Their breeding program has evolved into one of the best in the country. By using objective measurable data as well as critical visual examination with each breeding decision, their herd improves exponentially each year.

Understanding an alpaca's lineage is one of the cornerstones of the breeding program at RobAsia. They are committed to learning about each of their alpacas ancestors strengths and weaknesses and cross-referencing information to make sure they understand the genetic potential of the pedigree. RobAsia maintains a vast database on each of their alpaca's production information. This allows for data-driven decisions for both purchase and breeding. RobAsia shares this information openly, which sets them apart from competitors and accelerates their clients breeding programs to the next level.