Ecuador Introduces Alpaca Breeding Program

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Data. The alpaca breeding project is the initiative that reveals a bizarre own jurisdiction. This is recognized by Quilumbaquí Isaiah, president of the Parish Council who focuses their expectations in this project.

Present. "We have 30 families interested for breeding alpacas and exploitation," said the official. The initiative is part of a project to conserve water sources on the moors and the use of fiber producing these camelids.
According to the geographical conditions of the parish, the area lends itself to that. Communities such as Upper and Lower Pijal are already involved in the project.

Background. In the last 30 years, in Ecuador there is a growth in the development and modernization of alpacas, llamas and vicuña. In 1990, he made ​​the reintroduction program Alpacas. According to the last census conducted by the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses in the country's two thousand 24 thousand 662 alpacas and 21 Llamas.