Prepare Your Fleeces for Market or Mill

On 05/19/18
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One Day Workshop taught by Sally Brandon who co-owns The Shepherd's Mill in Phillipsburg, Kansas.

Time is planned to be 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. with one hour provided lunch. PLUS ADDED ITEMS AFTERWARD (SEE DETAILS).

At this workshop you will learn:
* the effects of blending alpaca with bamboo, merino wool, silk and tencel
* how dying of varying percentages work on white, med. fawn, brown and black alpacas
* the advantages of blending
* what you can do to process most economically and make the end product more marketable
* proper fleece preparation before you send/deliver it to the mill

Each farm of 1 or 2 people attending will receive a sample booklet of the blending of the 4 fibers with alpaca as well as the differing effects of dyes with the four different colors of alpaca. We believe this will be a powerful tool to use in making important processing decisions.

During lunch, a board member or other experienced rancher will be available to discuss various aspects of retailing operations that can help you move your business forward! This will be an excellent value add for you to take advantage of while at the workshop.

ANOTHER PLUS - In addition to the above educational workshop, The Shepherd’s Mill is accepting fleece for processing at their mill. They are also interested in buying 20-25micron black, bay black ; light Fawn; and white fleece.

Contact Sally at 785-543-3128 for specifics. At the workshop we can evaluate your fleece for micron measurement as well as weigh your fleece bags. All fleece intake must take place after 5:00.