The Alpaca Blanket Project Has New Owners!

The Alpaca Blanket Project Has New Owners!

Who We Are
Paul and Erin Egan of Offbeat Acres Fruit and Fiber Farm in Cottage Grove, WI have taken over the Alpaca Blanket Project from Peter and Carol Lundberg.  We started in the alpaca business in 2008, and currently have over 30 huacayas.   We have focused on fiber as a key component of our farm since the very beginning.  We do our own shearing and skirting, and enjoy working with fiber.  We are members of ABP, and were disappointed by the news last fall that ABP was ending.  Our customers LOVE the Pendleton blankets and scarves, and we are passionate about creating American made alpaca products, so it was an easy decision for us to buy ABP.

Our Plans for 2013
Our goal for this year is to collect as much fiber as possible, ensuring a seamless transition for current members.   We are seeking new members as well, waiving the membership fee for 2013.  We will follow the same shearing protocol, and will pay the same rates for fiber as Peter and Carol did in 2012.  The most noticeable change is that you’ll be sending your fiber to Wisconsin instead of Oregon!
Peter and Carol will also stay on in 2013 in a consulting role, providing mentoring as well as training on their sorting techniques.

The relationship with Pendleton will continue as well.   Paul toured the Washougal mill (where the blankets are made) and met one of the Pendleton owners, Charlie Bishop.  We are also in communication with the other major players at Pendleton as well.
We will have the blankets and scarves available for purchase sometime in early April.  Right now, they are getting packed up for their journey from Oregon to Wisconsin.

Fiber Collection / Where to Find Us
You can meet us in person at the Great Midwest Alpaca Fest in Madison April 26-28, or at the AOBA National show in Denver, CO, from May 16-19, or at Fiber University in Lebanon, MO on July 13-14.  We will be accepting fiber at all of these events.
We are in the process of setting up regional collection sites for 2013 and will keep you posted.   Other pickups are also being planned.  New collection sites are welcome!

Thank You
Finally, we would like to thank Peter and Carol for entrusting us with ABP.  It has been an honor to get to know them over the last few months.  We will strive to continue this business with the same integrity and passion.

Contact Information
Paul and Erin may be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling 608-669-6651 or 608-219-6369.  You can also check out our website for current information or follow us on Facebook at for the latest news.