High School Senior Inspired Lincoln's Use of Alpaca in Super Bowl Ad

By Jim Shilander

San Clemente High School senior Karina Rose White will get to be a part of the biggest television event of the year this Super Bowl Sunday.

Karina White of San Clemente on the set for the Super Bowl ad she’ll be appearing in this Sunday. A true-life experience with a pair of alpacas led her to suggest an alpaca themed experience for the ad. White, 17, will be a part of a Lincoln car advertisement which will air during the game (White said she’d been told not to say when). The advertisement is part of a campaign called “#SteertheScript,” which allowed ordinary people to pitch ideas for scenarios for the ad via Twitter.

The company partnered with television host Jimmy Fallon for the campaign, and White, a fan of Fallon’s show, had an idea. White said the idea presented was supposed to be about a true experience they had driving. White said she knew just the story.

“My sister and I were driving past an alpaca farm,” White said. All of a sudden, she said, two alpacas were out on the road, having escaped from the ranch. She tweeted that this was “an Alpaca-lypse.”

The company contacted Karina to let her know that they might be interested in the idea, then let her know that she’d been selected. Two weeks ago, she went out to Thousand Oaks to film a portion of the ad on an alpaca farm. Karina’s Twitter handle (@karinarosewhite) will appear on the sign for the alpaca farm as a part of the ad.

Interestingly, Karina noted that it was only after she’d been selected and was preparing to be in the ad that Lincoln realized she was a minor, and needed a parent’s release to participate. Her mother, Laurie White, gave her the permission. She’ll be the only minor in the ad.

Karina said she’s planning on going to college next year and is looking to pursue writing. She’s participated before in some of Fallon’s other Twitter-based bits, but the Lincoln campaign was the biggest by far, she said.

Mother Laurie White said this opportunity sets her daughter up well for her future goals.

“Ultimately what she wants to do is comedy writing, so this is absolutely perfect,” she explained.”