Peru Focuses on Alpaca Exports

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Fish oil (Omega 3) and alpaca fiber are two large projection Peruvian products in foreign markets, but need more mechanization to give added value and increase their exports, said the executive of the consultancy World Trade Center Lima, Diego Castrillon.

He said that in the case of the alpaca fiber, U.S., Canada and Australia seeking to import as many live alpacas, to amass their upbringing, they have seen the extraordinary profitability that has and will this superfine fiber.

"Peru could again be snatched from an indigenous resource and losing a golden opportunity to be a power in the area of high-textiles," he said.

On fish oil, Omega 3 explained that the derivative is a component of it, with great international demand, it is an ideal product for people with diabetes.

On the other hand, Castrillón recommended that Peru must strengthen its commercial presence in Latin America, mainly Brazil, Chile and Colombia, whose economies provide excellent business opportunities.