Alpaca Culture Publication

The Layout of the Publication

Alpaca Culture’s, editors, writers, and photographers present a collection of well-written and attractive articles designed to engage and establish a trusted dialog with readers that make them think about the overall benefits of alpacas. We create an open atmosphere of interest to establish a receptive audience that embraces our advertisers and act on their message. Only sponsors will be featured in the following sections of the publication.

Pre-Editorial Content
Each issue contains the following interesting departments in the front of the magazine and provide multiple entry points for advertisers:

  • Editor’s Note from Jared Johnston, Executive Editor
  • Masthead
  • Table of Contents
  • Online: An update of innovative and useful items available on the Alpaca Culture website.
  • Letters: Covers current topics that highlight what’s happening now around the world, and is complemented by stunning photography, maps, and charts.

Editorial Content
Features a compilation of stories and informative articles that will focus on all aspects of the alpaca industry. All articles will be brought to life by leading editorial layout and vivid photography, maps and illustrations. Entry points for sponsores will appear between articles offering exclusive visibility.

Post Editorial Content
Each issue the following interesting departments appear in the front of the magazine and provide multiple entry points for advertisers:

  • Innovations: An update of new and innovative items available to the alpaca community.
  • Spotlight: Provides a brief yet poignant look at the story behind a selected photo by Alpaca Culture.