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Ian Watt


Ian is a US citizen from Australia with over 22 years of alpaca experience as a breeder, consultant, speaker/lecturer, author and elected officer of the Australian Alpaca Association, AOBA and the AOBA affiliate, SoCalpaca.

He operates the only privately owned OFDA 2000 fiber testing machine dedicated to testing alpaca fiber anywhere in the world and introduced skin biopsy testing to the US industry.

He was a certified wool classer in Australia when he was 16 and has spent many years in the Australian livestock industry including a period as the manager of a stud merino ram station in the north of South Australia as well as spending 6 years as a livestock consultant in Papua New Guinea and consulting work with the Freedom From Hunger Campaign (United Nations) and World Bank.

He is objective in his dealings with breeders and industry stakeholders and shares his perspective and experience freely and with enthusiasm!