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Cathy Moore

My husband Sam and I acquired our first alpacas in 1999, shortly after moving back to his home in rural SE Ohio with our 2 sons. In addition to running a 200 acre farm, we own a small Real Estate company that specializes in farms and acreage. When we became interested in alpacas, I really liked the idea of spinning. I purchased a spinning wheel in 2000 and with the help of some local spinners began spinning. Then came knitting and weaving. I have enjoyed taking fleeces from my alpacas from raw to finished products, as well as spinning custom blends that I card on my drum carder. I use a lot of the yarns myself, but always have a supply available to sell at festivals and online. I have judged several Spin-Off competitions, including AOBA Nationals and OABA’s Alpacafest. I love having the opportunity to see and feel and spin such a variety of fleeces!