Jill MacLeod

Alpaca Judge Jill MacLeod

Jill MacLeod lives in High River, Alberta, Canada with her husband Art and two daughters, Rachel and Emma. The family has been involved in the Alpaca industry since 1991, when the MacLeods began their breeding operation, Aztec Alpacas. Jill has served as a past director of the Canadian Alpaca Association and also has extensive experience with Alpaca show organization. She spends much of her time traveling as an alpaca halter and fleece judge and holds international training credentials and is also a senior judge for AOBA. Jill has been fortunate to judge across North America as well as Europe, the UK and Australia.

Jill has had a lifelong interest in textiles and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Textiles in 1987 from the University of Alberta. She is interested in development and promotion of alpaca as part of the luxury fibre market and is involved with the Canadian Camelid Fibre Co-op as a certified Camelid fibre classer and director of product development.

The MacLeods have managed a number of federal import and export quarantines from their farm. The challenges of this unique operation have provided them with an interesting perspective on various aspects of herd management under a variety of environmental conditions as well as long distance land and air shipment of stock.