Volume 6 Issue 3 Videos

1. See Alpaca to Apparel exclusive designer Evelyn Monteza’s designs on the catwalk.


2. Learn about the National Grange and how it has served rural America for 150 years.


Volume 6 Issue 2 Videos

Volume 5 Issue 3 Videos

• Visit Strauch Fiber Equipment Company online at www.strauchfiber.com where you can get to know them through their video, Our Story. Then watch videos about specific products. www.strauchfiber.com

Cashmere World 2016 was a great success and lot of fun. Alpaca Culture learned a great deal and gave a well-attended seminar, to boot. See highlights of the show yourself here.

Learn more about the amazing Mongolian Bankhar dog by watching the video above.

See fiber being processed and watch the dehairer do its magic at Natural Fiber Producers and Maine Textiles in three mesmerizing videos!

Volume 5 Issue 2 Videos

In The Land of The Alpaca from The Inoue Brothers on Vimeo.

Watch the Pacomarca Film by the Inoue Brothers from Japan with English subtitles above.

The Gold Of The Andes from The Inoue Brothers on Vimeo.

Also watch The Gold of the Andes, a film about vicuñas, by the Inoue Brothers.

Alicia Adams Alpaca Branding Video from de.MO on Vimeo.

Watch a short video about Alicia Adams, her family, her alpacas and her brand.

Volume 4 Issue 4 Videos

Courtesy Australian Alpaca Association, Our Smart Future, a look at the Australian alpaca industry and where it is headed:

Visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=quXELeJI7bc to Watch Our Smart Future

Janetta Bauer of der Bauernhof Farms in Wisconsin mentions Alpaca Culture at the 2015 Great Lakes Alpaca Association Seminar.

Volume 4 Issue 3 Videos

Learn more about the amazing Komondor Livestock Guardian Dog.

See how the FibreLux helps breeders measure fiber in livestock situations.

Volume 4 Issue 2 Videos

Asian interest in alpacas, from South Korea's PBS.

Turkish Akbash dogs.

See a chainsaw sculpture of an alpaca take shape in Sweden.