Ohio 4-H Members Excel at Greene County Fair

Llamas and alpacas took center stage on the final Saturday of the fair as exhibitors strutted their stuff in the show ring.
Taking top honors for her champion project was Shelby Joseph, 16, of Fairborn; receiving the Annie Stewart Outstanding Exhibitor Award was Jessica Fair, 16, of Cedarville.
Llamas and alpacas have been shown at the Greene County Fair as a pilot program since 1996, according to coordinator Janine Hickey. The late Annie Stewart originally organized the show; Hickey said she began working with the show in 1997.
The llama and alpaca project is now a statewide 4-H program with a number of llama and alpaca programs throughout Ohio.
The show was comprised of two parts: showmanship and an obstacle course. Classes for the 11 exhibitors were broken down by ages to seniors and juniors.
In the showmanship portion, Judge Joe Lowry, of Marysville, asked exhibitors to pick up a foot, turn their animals in a circle and change pace while in the ring. They were also questioned on their knowledge of the project.
In the obstacle course, both the exhibitor and the animal had to negotiate a series of eight obstacles, including a jump, weaving around poles, backing, a teeter-totter, walking across a bridge, a change of pace (trotting and stopping on command), and standing in a pool of what while the exhibitor retrieves a rubber duck.
In a sanctioned show, performance exhibitors can receive 10 points per obstacle if the animal’s performance is perfect. Points are deducted for errors, such as stepping off the side of an obstacle.
The championship project was determined from the total points from showmanship, obstacle and Skill-A-Thon scores.
This was Joseph’s second year for showing llamas. She got the idea from a friend who lives in Clark County and who shows at the fair there. Joseph is the daughter of Mike and Robin Joseph and attends Carroll High School.
For Jessica Fair, daughter of Karen and Doug Fair, showing llamas was a completely new experience. She was introduced to llamas last year when she became the Junior Fair Board’s liaison to the committee. Experienced at showing rabbits, Fair found that she “loves” showing llamas and intends to continue showing them.
For more information on the Llama and Alpaca program contact Jeanine 937-266-1521 or Jeff Grice at 937-275-6588.
Other Greene County Fair Llama Show winners were:
Class 1: Junior Showmanship: first, Jenna Basinger; second, Camryn Joseph; third Alexis Voisard; fourth Zachary Fair; fifth, Sydney Stumbo.
Class 2: Senior Showmanship: first, Shelby Joseph; second Jessica Fair.
Class 3: Junior Obstacle: first, Sydney Stumbo; second, Gwendolyn MaCauley; third Zachary Fair; fourth, Jason Mahaffey; fifth, Natalie Kroger.
Class 4: Senior Obstacle: first, Shelby Joseph; second Jessica Fair.
Junior Skill-A-Thon winners: first, Alexis Voisard; second Camryn Joseph; third, Natalie Kroger; Fourth; Gwen McCauley; fifth, Jason Mahaffey.
Senior Skill-A-Thon winners; first, Jessica Fair; second Shelby Joseph.