Using alpacas for flock protection

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During the last couple of years there has been an upsurge in interest in using alpacas to guard flocks of sheep and goats against loss of lambs and kids.

Many sheep producers are using Alpacas as an environmentally friendly way to protect their flocks against predators.  Alpacas have a strong natural instinct to protect their flocks, even if it is an adopted flock.  Alpacas have the added advantage in that they also produce highly valuable wool fiber.

Many of the early farmers, especially in Australia, used them to protect their valuable stud stock. After getting increases in lambing percentages of greater than 20% they are now finding that it is economical to use alpacas to guard their commercial stock as well.

Farmers have made many encouraging remarks about the value of alpacas including:

    ~ Taking special care of ewes and does with twins and those who which have lost their mothers.
    ~ Dead lambs lying in paddocks for days without being eaten by predators.
    ~ Alpacas making loud noises to alert mothers that foxes and dogs are about.
    ~ Being alert and unnerving foxes by eyeballing them foxes not eating fox baits in the neighbours paddock near the boundary fence due to fear of alpacas in the next paddock.

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National Alpaca Day

News 24
By: News 24
Photo: Courtesy of Alpaca Culture

THEY are fascinating animals and their national day is to be celebrated in KZN on Sunday 30 April.

First imported from Chile there are now Alpaca farms throughout South Africa.

Ex-Greytonian Wendy Moss is involved with a herd of these versatile animals on Nirvana farm in the Curries Post areas.

Usually the Alpacas can be viewed by appointment only, but the public is invited to attend the open day on 30 April from 9am to 3pm.

Garments made from Alpaca wool have become much sought after in the fashion world – the wool is as light and soft as cashmere. And on 30 April there will be a display of weaving by the Endeavour Spinning ladies.

Also on sale on the day will be Alpaca manure, which is popular with gardeners as well as cute paca beanies and paca babies as well as an activity pack all about Alpacas. Educational talks will be given hourly.

To keep the young ones occupied there will be a jumping castle, pony rides and a demonstration by Paw Pals on training your dog in obedience.

Anyone who would like a stall is asked to contact Wendy on 082 772 4894

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