What suit fits you?

Business Daily Africa
By: Mike Mwai
Photo: By Francis Nderitu

Photo Caption: Le Kasri Creative Director Hawkins Ramah poses next to some of his designs during the Suits and Cognac meet up held at the Villa Rosa Kempinski on March 23, 2018.

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They say a stitch in time saves nine. I say the right stitch saves time, money and reputation. A man is judged by his demeanour and confidence. This is assured by choice of dress and grooming.

How you dress says a lot about whether you respect yourself. Picking out clothes that fit you well and are comfortable speaks volumes. Doing the opposite says a lot about your attention to detail and leaves a lot to be desired.

So, how can you be deliberate about your style?

Choosing expensive fabric is where the rite of passage starts. The best fabrics globally are sourced from Italy’s top mills like Emernegildo Zegna. The most expensive fabric, however, is vicuña wool. It is usually reserved for billionaires and royalty. A vicuña is a miniature cousin of Ilama. If you have expensive allure to very fine things, a vicuña jacket can cost you three or four times more than cashmere.

So what suit should you start with? Begin with a good off-the-rack suit then get yourself a made-to-measure blazer and only deep dive into bespoke when you know a little more about what style fits you.

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