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By: Alpaca World
Photo: Courtesy of Alpaca Culture

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Eva Dolitzsch-Tatzreither is one busy lady, running an alpaca farm, trekking business, cafe, designing jewellery and much else on her farm near Cape Town in South Africa.

One winter morning in 2014 I woke up asking myself: after 10 years of alpaca-breeding, is there perhaps another way to use our alpaca fleece properly besides yarns, wools, knitting, weaving etc? Here in South Africa we had to face the problem that there was only one single alpaca mill available for around 50 breeders. All the other famous mohair mills are not able to produce yarns for us, because of their different technologies. So we ended up sitting on over 350 kilos of high quality alpaca fleece.

At that time, we had about 70 of these lovely creatures on our farm “Stillwater Estate”, half an hour’s drive from Cape Town. A beautiful mixture of coloured suris and huacayas, pampered by all of us and our farm-workers, each with their own name – from Akelei to Zebrina, from Apollo to Zeus.                                                                                         

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