Alpaca born at the Moscow zoo

Russia News Today  
By: Russia News Today
Photo: Courtesy of Alpaca Culture 

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 The baby Alpaca was born at the Moscow zoo and has often walks with his mother in the outer enclosure, reported on the official website of the Moscow mayor.

Alpaca is a domesticated form of the vicuna, a South American relative of the camel. It is believed that the Indians of Peru first started breeding alpacas about six thousand years ago. In the Andes it is doing now — on special farms for their warm and lightweight wool.

The famous Golden fleece is the wool of the vicunas. It is because of her kind of almost destroyed during the colonization of South America. Now hunting of these animals is officially prohibited.

“Visitors of the Moscow zoo can see a little baby alpacas. This is a female, and she was born just recently, on August 26, but walking on the cage along with adult relatives. After the birth of baby weighing about a kilogram was examined by the zoo workers, they were convinced that the Alpaca is completely healthy. Now she weighs almost six times more” — stated the message.

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