A Peruvian Adventure in Sustainability—And Cute Alpacas!—With Öhlin/D

By: Emily Farra
Photo: Courtesy of Öhlin/D

Photo Caption: Alpaca knits from Öhlin/D’s Fall ’17 collection.

Original content from Vogue.

Flip through Öhlin/D's ruffled dresses, snap-front jeans, and vibrant blouses, and you’d never guess they were sustainably produced. Helmed by creative director Jacob Park, designer Sinéad Lawlor, and president Anne Deane, Öhlin/D is a whimsical, colorful departure from the serene elegance and earthy minimalism you often find in other ethical collections. In fact, when they launched Öhlin/D back in 2013, they didn’t make sustainability part of their message; their approach was fashion first.

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