Alpacas make their debut at Garrett County Fair

The Garrett County Republican
By: Brenda Ruggiero
Photo: Courtesy of Alpaca Culture

Original content from The Garrett County Republican.
MCHENRY – Several gentle alpacas are visiting the Garrett County Fair this week, which is a first for this particular breed. The little group consists of Snow Berry, Jean Val (from Les Miserables), and April Snow and her new baby, who happens to be in need of a name.

They are owned by Michael and Jeanne Meyers and their daughters Bethany and Alexis. In the last year, the addition of the alpacas has made the Meyers family's Angus beef farm near Friendsville a bit more exotic.

"My mom always wanted them, and she and my dad were able to get some for an adoption fee, and now my dad likes them more than his Angus beef cows, which is hilarious," Bethany said. "We got them in May of 2016, and the baby was just born this June. We don't really know what to name him yet, so there's a sign on his pen for ideas."

Bethany noted that she and her family hope to get more alpacas this fall to add to their farm. She also raises donkeys, which get along just fine with the alpacas.

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