Llamapalooza: Alpacas and llamas entertain at county fair show

Gillette News Record
By: Perrin Stein
Photo: Courtesy of Alpaca Culture

Original content from Gillette News Record.
A quartet of Campbell County 4-H members lined up their llamas and alpacas at the fence cordoning off an obstacle course.

Although there were only four contestants, a 30-person crowd gathered in the Cam-plex East Pavilion to watch the kids and their animals put on a show at the Campbell County Fair on Thursday.

“This is a really small show, but it’s going to be great,” judge Darlene Vaughan announced.

Brendan Kundall, 15, held a pair of alpacas he and his brother brought from their family’s petting zoo. At home in Rozet, Kundall also has goats, horses, turkeys, pigs and cows. The alpacas are a new addition to the zoo. The brothers got them last year.

“I enjoy living with the petting zoo,” he said. “I get to ride and play with so many different animals.”

Before the show could begin, there was already a delay. As Riley Snyder, 11, led his llama into the arena, it stopped suddenly, needing a bathroom break.

“They go and they go and they go,” said Vaughan. “That’s what you get at a llama and alpaca show. They take forever to go to the bathroom.”

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