Incredible Rescuers Are Going Above and Beyond to Save Baby Alpaca Who Can’t Walk

One Green Planet
By: Nadine Rich
Photo: Courtesy of Edgar’s Mission

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Leonard T. Lima is a baby alpaca that has more people rooting for him than a little league baseball team.

That is because since birth the little guy has had more than his share of hardship. At two months old, Leonard is just now reaching a normal birth weight which is between 12 and 18 pounds for the average alpaca.

According to Edgar’s Mission, the farm rescue that is caring for Leonard, he was able to walk for a short time after his birth however it was short lived and now the poor baby can’t even stand.

Everyone is praying that Leonard is suffering from an easily fixable nutritional deficiency and nothing permanent or difficult to treat.

It is believed that he may be suffering from Rickets disease which is a defect of the bones affecting young mammals. The disease is usually caused by malnutrition and can lead to deformities and breakages in the bones.

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