Love in llama barn

The Hutchinson News
By: Kathy Hanks
Photo: Courtesy of Alpaca Culture

Original content from The Hutchinson News.

Before I really knew Pistol Pete, we kissed.

I’m really not that kind of girl, but Pete was that kind of alpaca.

Amy Bickel and I had our first gig at the Kansas State Fair helping out with the llama and alpaca show. Glenna Overmiller, superintendent of llamas, had a job for us - working as gatekeepers for Friday’s show.

She was flexible about our hours. Thankfully, she didn’t fire us when we showed up late. Our positions had been filled.

“No one gets fired,” said the kind woman.

Instead, we kind of created our own position - public relation assistants, helping disseminate information regarding llamas and alpacas.

We were introduced to Pistol Pete, the only alpaca in the show of 100 entries. Overmiller explained that alpacas are shorter and have round butts.

“Llamas have banana ears, ” Overmiller said. I asked which she preferred, but she wouldn’t say.

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