Animal house: Menagerie of alpacas, horses and sloths pile into Florida jail cells

Daily Mail
By: Associated Press
Photo: Courtesy of Daily Mail

Photo Caption: A farm that cares for abandoned and confiscated animals moved its residents into Monroe County Jail after inmates were evacuated (Pictured, llamas and alpacas wander around the jail).

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Mo the Sloth and Kramer the Emu are as innocent as they come, but they're doing time in a county jail.

So are plenty of horses, llamas, alpacas, pigs, sheep, tropical birds, alligators, snakes, and a few other species that the sheriff's office cares for at a farm for abandoned, abused, confiscated or donated animals.

The Monroe County Jail in the Keys is usually home to 426 human inmates. Because of the storm threat, these inmates were evacuated to facilities in Palm Beach County.

Rather than leave the cells vacant, it was decided that more than 250 animals would be moved indoors to protect them from Hurricane Irma's storm surge, flooding rains and pounding wind.

All over Florida, from zoos to refuges to shelters, getting animals ready for the storm was a top priority as well.

'We're as ready as we can be,' Zoo Miami spokesman Ron Magill said.

Five dolphins were moved from the Florida Keys to central Florida in advance of the storm, but most zoos and the like in the Miami area said they were trying to keep their animals in place and secure from whatever Irma will bring.

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