A unique pairing makes for a tranquil experience at local farm

The Des Moines Register
By: Paige Godden
Photo: Courtesy of Max Pixel

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The Lavender Alpaca Farm in southwest Warren County could be the most relaxing farm in the state someday.

The name of the small farm gives away what its owner harvests. Lavender and Alpacas. Or, at least, the Alpacas’ fiber.

It seems like a strange combination, especially for an Iowa farm, but owner Courtney Stanley promises it’s not.

The alpacas, Stanley said, hum when they are happy and it can soothe anyone who listens. Combined with a garden of lavender, which is known for its relaxing scent, the alpacas help create a tranquil space.

While the peaceful environment is nice, both the lavender and alpacas have a practical purpose for farmers.

Stanley said she’ll sheer her alpacas each spring and their fiber can be turned into products such as hats, gloves, stuffed animals, shirts, coats, saddle pads or nearly anything else.

Alpacas’ fiber is lanolin free, so it’s hypoallergenic. Those who are allergic to wool can wear or use alpaca fiber.

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