Happy alpacas live at Happy Tails Farm

Salisbury Post
By: Deirdre Smith
Photo: By Jon C. Lakey
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CHINA GROVE — With their furry topknots and big, brown eyes, these girls are sure to turn heads. They’re quiet and rather shy, though.

They are the girls of Happy Tails Alpaca Farm, off Old Concord Road.

Char Johnson is their surrogate mom, making sure they are fed, watered, washed and happy. In turn, they give her prize-winning fleeces and material for items she sells in a tiny shop in the girls’ barn.

The male alpacas are kept in another area because they can get frisky. Proper breeding is important to produce award-winning alpacas, or ones that have a gentle temperament and are trainable.

Do not pet an alpaca on the head, please. Alpacas do not want you to mess up their coifs. Neck and back pets are acceptable. They love carrots and have soft lips to gently take them from your hand. Apples are nice, but carrots are better.

Char and her husband, Rick Johnson, have 24 alpacas, male and female, with an old friend rejoining them, Ronny the male alpaca. He was born on their farm in Ohio and belonged to a young woman with severe dyslexia and low self-confidence who helped train him. She’s now in the Army.

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